BICEPS Rating System – Instructions

We wish you a lot of success on filling out these questions. Before you start please read the fill-out instructions carefully:

Instructions to fill out questions

– Please fill out all the questions in the list.

*  Upload supporting evidence and files where necessary

*  Make sure to write precise and concise.

– You can save your answers intermediately by clicking on “ Save button “. If you return later, you will see your previously saved answers.

– Only after clicking “ Submit ” after you have made all your desired changes, your answers will be sent to BICEPS for review and calculation of your BICEPS score.

Submitting your answers to the BICEPS Database

After clicking the SUBMIT button, after a few seconds, you will be shown the preliminary score of your BICEPS rating based on your (updated) answers.

– NB: This is not the final rating, as a validation process will take place once you have submitted your data and updates.

– Please allow maximum 10 working days for this validation before you get your final BICEPS score.

– Please note that due to answers and updates of other carriers, your score is also subject to change. The monthly email update will let you know if your score has been changed.