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The BICEPS Rating System is an instrument that will be used by shippers in their global procurement processes of ocean freight container carriers. The Rating System qualifies the carriers on their performance on five relevant themes for sustainable and effective shipping operations.

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Five themes:

1 – Publication of sustainability information
2 – Actual emission scores and targets
3 – Improvement projects, and project statuses
4 – Collaboration of the carrier with the outside world
5 – Long term horizon in relation to sustainability


The BICEPS Rating System will rank the carriers from A to F based on their scores of the questionnaire. The BICEPS Rating System uses relative results that means that a limited amount of carriers can be A or B or etc.

The BICEPS Rating System motivates carriers to implement improvements in their operations to get a better ranking. Carriers can annually or half-annually update their profile.

The shippers in the BICEPS Network will use the BICEPS Rating System in their selection of carriers for their shipments of goods.

The shippers of the BICEPS Network have developed the BICEPS Rating System. The BICEPS Rating System will use existing methodologies of measuring emissions in shipping. The BICEPS Network will stimulate and support to come to an open, transparent and uniformed approach of emissions calculations in the shipping sector.

Shippers in their procurement of container shipments will firstly use the BICEPS Rating System and the BICEPS Network will be open for further developments and applications of the BICEPS Rating System in the shipping and logistics sector if it can stimulate the acceleration of sustainable initiatives.

Access the BICEPS Rating System

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